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Graphene Pillowcase (Standard)

The fabric that purifies your sleep

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What it is: A-game every morning. The Graphene pillowcase provides unparalleled comfort, skin protection, and accurate temperature control throughout the night. Graphene prevents 99.6% of bacterial growth. Unlike Silver, it's Non Toxic.

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Scientifically Cool

The Graphene Pillowcase doesn't just feel cool – it's scientifically designed to regulate temperature. The Graphene technology draws away excess heat, providing a refreshing sleep environment that's perfect for those who appreciate a cooler night's rest.

Stops 99.7% Acne Causing Bacteria

Did you know that traditional pillowcases harbor a staggering 17,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Enter The Graphene Pillowcase – a revolutionary solution to this unseen problem. Its 99.7% antibacterial Graphene ensures a bacteria-resistant surface, safeguarding your skin and hair night after night.

3x Less Laundry

Advanced Cooling, Moisture Wicking & Odor Proof

releases trapped body heat

Advanced Self Cooling

Frictionless Satin Weave

Skin & Hair Saver

between the satin weave, the hybrid blended technical fabric, and the luxurious supima cotton that removes odor causing bacteria , you're sleeping on the most innovative fabric ever created.

Luxurious Blend

Softer After Every Wash

40% eucalyptus "vegan silk" & "60 %" premium giza cotton means they'll get softer after every wash w/o fabric pilling. They are developed to last years.

Heather Grey Graphene Pillowcases for a cool night sweat free sleep

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