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EDASI itself means forward. With evolution in our DNA, our ethos is grounded in innovation, design and function. Technical clothing or technical textiles are the textiles which are more focused on functional abilities rather than aesthetics, but EDASI products always offer both design and high function. Everything we do is about pushing the boundaries of what exists in the market and adding to that, technical aspects that set us apart while keeping a clean and tailored aesthetic. The technical functions of our products play a key role in the innovative approach we take, allowing us to uniquely integrate athleisure concepts into our products that are most commonly found in athleisure apparel.


Any item we put forward in terms of product or reusable packaging must have some sort of technical feel or aspect. Breathability

A bit about us

“Why can’t you reinvent the wheel?”

 ‘Edasi’ comes from the Estonian word meaning to move forward.

And that’s why we’re always on the move. And relentlessly restless to do better, be better and create better.

We’re a global collaborative of movers. The ones who drive, and push further.

You know us, because we’re just like you: the ‘born with itchy feet’ and infinite curiosity type.

We believe in technical fabrics

At EDASI, we see opportunity in the ordinary. And we saw a gap in the market. For those bored by their mundane personal essentials that long to be pushed outside the box.


"Why should life’s basics be so basic?"

We agree. And we work with engineers from every corner of the globe to create technically advanced fabrics that break convention. And simply do more by using revolutionary technical fibers, but on steroids. And of course, handpicking the best of the best factories and fabrics.

What we do

We go beyond the direct-to-consumer business model to create the highest quality possible.

From us, straight to you - with love.


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