Probiotic Fitted Sheet

Certified by BMA Labor Germany to eliminate 96.6% of dust mites

fits 16" deep mattresses

100% Sneeze & Itch Free Sleep

Feels Like Heaven On Skin

Zaps 96.6% of Dust Mites



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Get Millions of Microscopic Fighters

What it is: The First Ever Probiotic Fitted Sheet That ‘Eats’ Allergens While You Sleep


  • It’s the first ever probiotic fitted sheet infused with the Swiss HeiQ Allergen Tech probiotic finish to keep your Fitted Sheet clean, fresh and odorless all night long—making you feel like you’re sleeping in the pristine Swiss Alps.

  • Made with a blend of luxuriously breathable Egyptian cotton and silky-smooth TENCEL™ (known as ‘vegan silk’)—giving you the best of the both worlds of cotton and eucalyptus.

The Technical Fabric Engineered to Do More

Zaps Dust Mites

No more sleeping with millions of dust mites (and their poop)


Naturally breathable. Wicks moisture to keep you cool and sweat-free all night long.


pure egyptian cotton is odorless & eucalyptian is naturally deodorizing.

It’s Time to Stop Sleeping On Literal Sh*t

Every night you shed about a teaspoon of dead skin. And every night millions of dust mites are feasting on it and leaving their inflammatory poo behind – that then you inhale and rub your face on.

The result? Coughing, sneezing, itchy throat, inflamed skin and worsened conditions like eczema—not to mention a (literally) cr*ppy sleep quality.

Get a Fitted Sheet That Eats Dust Mites for Dinner

We infused the fabric with probiotics a.k.a. ‘good bacteria’ that won’t wash away. These little miracle workers work 24/7 to ‘digest’ any dust mites, pet dander and other irritants on your pillow.

Sleep each night with peace of mind knowing millions of microscopic fighters are keeping your fitted sheet clean, fresh and odorless.

Results Backed by Independent Labs in Germany

It’s Like Breathing in the Purest Alpine Air…

Now you can say goodbye to those pesky millions of dust mites! Wrap yourself in a blend of soft eucalyptus silk & premium Egyptian cotton – and wake up feeling as fresh and pristine as a morning in the Swiss Alps.

No More Random Acne Breakouts

Fed up with unexplainable rashes and breakouts? It might be the inflammatory dust mite poop.

The Eucalyptian actively targets dust mites and kicks them and their icky business to the curb. (Forget about the toxic "Silver" finishes or ineffective silk).

Sink Your Body into Pure Bliss

Who says you can't have it all? Snuggle up to the breathable luxury of Egyptian cotton and silky-smooth TENCEL™ ‘vegan silk’— and get the best of both worlds. It’s like a vacation for your skin every night.

We Really Thought of Everything When Designing It

Elastic straps. Brushed elastic grippers. Fold over elastic. Long side label. 16" Deep pockets. Recy. poly satin care label.

Good for Your Health, Good for the Planet.

Healthy sleep that’s planet-friendly, too? You bet. Millions of silkworms die in the process of making real silk. Our Lenzing TENCEL™ vegan silk fibers are sourced from wood pulp from sustainably harvested trees to give you guilt-free comfort.

90-Night Money Back Guarantee

The "Never Sneeze & Never Itch" Money Back Guarantee extends throughout the Lifetime of your investment. Additionally, if at anytime during the first 90 days you have another reason to initiate a return, you are covered.

Try it Risk-Free

90 Night ‘No Sneeze No Scratch’ Guarantee

Try the Probiotic line for 90 nights. Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions.

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