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Probiotic Satin Pillowcase

The Breezy fabric that Zaps Millions of Skin, Hair & Allergy Irritating Dust Mites

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The Probiotic Satin is made of the functional eucalyptus fibers blended with the finest long-staple 100% Egyptian cotton. The patented Swiss probiotic finish zaps away millions of allergy and skin irritating dust mites & pet allergens.

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With a sleek satin weave of Eucalyptus silk and Giza Egyptian cotton, this pillowcase is designed to give you flawless hair and skin without trying.

The worlds only pillowcase Infused with probiotics to actively zap 96.6% of skin-disrupting dust mites. Keeps your pillow pristine & fresh 24/7.

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Infused w/ Probiotics for purer breathing

Still Sleeping On That (Literally) Crappy Pillowcase?

Wake Up Breathing Fresh Air - zapping millions of dust mites and pet allergens, mold, the careful euclayptus to egyptian cotton 40/60 ratio means you can forget about breathing in filth, and you can forget about skin irritants.

Get Your Beauty Sleep Back With Probiotics

We infused the satin fabric with millions of tiny guardian angels protecting your skin every night.

These are probiotics a.k.a. ‘good bacteria’ that work 24/7 to ‘digest’ any skin-disrupting dust mites or irritants on your pillow.

Sink Your Face Into Complete Bliss Every Night

Luxuriously cozy Egyptian cotton for 5-star hotel comfort and unmatched breathability.

Antibacterial and moisture-wicking TENCEL™ eucalyptus silk to ward off acne & inflammation.

Do you want to wake up to healthier hair?

The smooth surface of satin reduces friction between your hair and the pillow, which means less breakage. - Friction can cause your hair cuticles to lift, making your hair more susceptible to damage.

By sleeping on probiotic satin, you'll be protecting your hair from unnecessary stress and breakage, promoting healthier growth.

Catch More Morning Glow-Ups in the Mirror

The eucalyptus silk fights bacteria and keeps things dry as your ‘insurance’ against random breakouts and itching.

Say goodbye to sleep lines too all thanks to the sleek satin surface.

Smoother than Bamboo & Silk

Sink in and stay awhile in these luxuriously soft and smooth pillowcase.

Our blend of luxurious Egyptian cotton and crisp eucalyptus allows you to enjoy resort-grade slumber right in the comfort of your own home.

Show Yourself and the Planet Some Love

Traditional silk production often involves boiling millions of silkworms alive.

By choosing TENCEL™ ‘vegan silk’ made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood pulp, you’re doing the planet a favor—while still enjoying all the beauty perks of silk.

We Really Thought of Everything When Designing It

Inspired by versatility, we reengineered the concept of the pillowcase so it can do more for you

90-Night Guarantee

If within the first 90 nights you aren’t absolutely in love with your EDASI Probiotic Satin Pillowcase, just send it back and get your money back.

No questions. No hard feelings.

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