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Probiotic Satin Pillowcase

The fabric that purifies your sleep.

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The World’s CLEANEST Pillowcase

The first ever probiotic-infused pillowcase that actively zaps 96.6% of sleep-disrupting dust mites. Keeps your pillow pristine & fresh 24/7.

✔️ Eliminates up to 96,6% of dust mites

✔️ Ends morning stuffiness & itching

✔️ Prevents sore throat & itchy eyes

✔️ Self-cooling - entire pillow is the 'cool spot’

✔️ Get the deep, renewing REM sleep you crave

As seen in

Dust mites are keeping your best sleep hostage

When Was the Last Time You Woke Up Feeling Truly Refreshed?

Ever night millions of dust mites & bacteria are feasting on your dead skin cells, sweat and saliva.

What’s worse, they’re leaving their poop behind – and you're inhaling inflammatory proteins that rob you of that sweet, sweet REM sleep.

No wonder you're waking up all kinds of groggy – you literally have cr*ppy sleep!

Turn your pillow into an allergen-proof fortress

Purifies Your Pillow From Dust Mites, Pet Dander And Other Nasties

Wake up without the morning stuffiness, itchiness and grogginess – and sleep like a baby knowing you're not breathing in inflammatory allergens.

The EDASI Probiotic Satin Pillowcase is treated with Swiss HeiQ Allergen Tech probiotic finish that keeps your pillowcase clean, fresh and odorless all night long.

(Also means less laundry!)

Sleep like royalty

Luxuriously Comfortable & Breathable

We didn’t use just any old cotton.

We used Egyptian long-staple Giza cotton from the Nile delta which is ultra durable and comfortable.

Actually, it’s so soft and comfy you might just snooze through your alarm. (Good luck getting out of bed.)

Self-cooling and deodorizing

Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

The breezy eucalyptus blend wicks away moisture before odor-causing bacteria have a chance to form.

You can also forget flipping the pillow for the cool side.

Our TENCEL™ Eucalyptus ‘vegan silk' helps you stay fresh, stay cool. All night, every night.

Skin & hair friendly

Wake Up Feeling and Looking Your Best

No more waking up with a bedhead or a sleep-creased face.

EDASI doesn’t tug and pull on your skin like a regular cotton does.

Its frictionless satin weave gives your skin and hair a smooth surface to glide on.

Try it risk-free

90-Day ‘Sneeze & Itch Free’ Guarantee

Don’t decide just yet. Sleep on it for 3 months, on us.

Our promise: Your sleep feels refreshing again – or it’s FREE. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply return it within 90 days and we'll give you a refund.

(No questions asked. No hard feelings.)

Scientifically Proven to Purge Allergens from Your Pillow

Join Hundreds of Customers Who Got Their Deep Sleep Back

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Try it Risk-Free

90 Night ‘No Sneeze No Scratch’ Guarantee

Try the Probiotic line for 90 nights. Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions.

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