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The Breezy fabric that Zaps Millions of Skin, Hair & Allergy Irritating Dust Mites

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The Probiotic Satin is made of the functional eucalyptus fibers blended with the finest long-staple 100% Egyptian cotton.
The patented Swiss probiotic finish zaps away millions of allergy and skin irritating dust mites & pet allergens.


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w/ 100% biobased swiss technology

Wake Up Truly Refreshed

100% biobased swiss probiotics zaps millions of skin & sleep disrupting dust mites. Wake up glowing w/o the morning stuffiness, itchiness, or night sweats.

Satin on Steroids

6 main benefits

Backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Available on Duvet Cover

7 Adjustable Clips

Ensure your comforter is always locked in place with the wash approved adjustable clips

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Available on Fitted Sheet

Add the Fitted Sheet to your order to save. Includes Elastic Straps to keep your sheets nicely firm on the mattress. Fits up to 17".

Available on Duvet Cover

270 Degree Opening

Premium opening to make inserting your comforter incredible simple. Includes 2 Japanese ykk rubberized zippers.

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