I absolutely loved the pillowcase and sheets have made such a huge difference with my skin and hair. Skin more.

Satin Vegan Silk Eucalyptus Set


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Why Choose Our Eucalyptus Sheets?

Crafted from natural eucalyptus fiber and long staple giza egyptian cotton, this bedding offers unparalleled softness and breathability for a cool, comfortable night's rest


Regulates Temperature

Fights Acne Causing Bacteria

Skin & Hair Hydrating

Satin Weave to protect from Hair Breakage

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Eco Friendly Tencel Eucalyptus

Austrian sourced Tencel fibers naturally decompose, reverting to the earth

Satin Weave = Healthy Hair and Scalp

Satin creates less friction and tugging on hair compared to cotton, minimizing breakage, splitting, and tangles

Satin Skin Weave

The slick satin surface doesn't pull or tug on delicate facial skin, helping prevent sleep wrinkles.

Sleep Cool with the World's Most Innovative Sheets

Experience the ultimate in cooling, breathable luxury with our exclusive Tencel and Egyptian Cotton sheet set. This unique fabric blend combines the natural temperature-regulating properties of Tencel with the unparalleled softness of long-staple Giza Egyptian cotton to create the coolest, most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep on.

With a unique cool-to-the-touch feel, these sheets elevate coolness to the next level. The fibers actually feel chilled and refreshing against your skin, helping you drift off to sleep in an oasis of relaxing breathability. It's an unbelievable sensation you have to experience to believe.

Banish Night Sweats Forever

If you struggle with night sweats or overheating at night, these sheets are the answer. The Tencel fibers wick away moisture while promoting air flow to keep you drier and more temperate all night long. Say goodbye to tossing, turning, and throwing off covers - you'll sleep soundly enveloped in cooling comfort.

Incredibly Soft, Durable Luxury

Not only are these sheets amazingly cool and breathable, but they get softer and softer with every wash. The premium long-staple cotton and Tencel blend creates silky, durable fibers that become more luxuriously soft over time without pilling or wearing thin. You'll be amazed at how lightweight yet strong these sheets are.

No Morning Allergies & No Eczema Flare Ups

Do you wake up with unexplained rashes, itchy skin or puffy eyes? You may be dealing with a dust mite problem. These microscopic creatures feed on the millions of dead skin cells we shed every day, leaving behind their waste and body fragments that can trigger allergic reactions and irritate sensitive skin.

Our innovative sheets provide relief by harnessing the power of probiotics to zap dust mites where they live - in your bedding. We've infused our premium fabric with 100% safe, eco-friendly probiotics sourced from Switzerland. These beneficial bacteria create a hostile environment for dust mites, eradicating them so you can sleep fresh.

Probiotic Infused

With significantly fewer dust mites, you'll wake up with clearer, calmer skin - just like after a refreshing shower. No more suffering from dust mite-related eczema, dermatitis or asthma flare-ups. Our probiotic sheets give you the fresh start your skin craves every morning.

Sleep easier knowing you're curbing dust mites the natural, non-toxic way. Protect your skin and breathe easier with our unique probiotic-infused sheets.

Fitted Sheet

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and functionality with our premium fitted sheet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sheet features deep 17-inch pockets and elastic straps, ensuring a snug, slip-free fit on your mattress. No more disruptions to your sleep—just pure, uninterrupted comfort all night long.

It's uniquely designed with convenient "long side" labels, making it effortless to locate the correct sides and saving you precious time.

Duvet Cover

Why are Duvet Covers so hard to put on?

Our innovative duvet cover is designed with 7 adjustable clips, 4 7-inch ties, and 2 Japanese autolock zippers for easy insertion and removal of your comforter. Traditional duvet covers cause a cortisol shock to your nervous system, these are guaranteed to be the most comfortable and functional you will ever experience.

Pillow Cases

Experience Nostalgic Comfort and Luxury

Soft as grandma's freshly pressed 100% cotton pillowcases, but made with breathable, moisture-wicking eucalyptus fabric to mix in modernity and technical innovation. Our pillowcases provide that cozy, matte feel you remember - never slippery or shiny like typical satin.

The details that make them special:

  • Timeless button closure for a tailored look

  • Easy care - wash beautifully with minimal wrinkles

  • Sleep cooler with temperature-regulating eucalyptus

  • Low-maintenance luxury you'll want to use forever

  • perfect for hot sleepers

  • Relive those cherished childhood memories while enjoying modern performance and easy living. Machine washable with exceptional durability, our eucalyptus pillowcases combine nostalgic comfort with today's conveniences.

Why the Higher Investment?

In a world of cheap, disposable products, our eucalyptus sheets are an investment in lasting quality. Developed by skilled Portuguese artisans using fabric 5-6x pricier than cotton, we've spared no expense:

  • Swiss Probiotic Finish for Unrivaled Sanitation

  • First-to-Market Design Trims Like Auto-Lock Mesh Zippers

  • Meticulous Craftsmanship for Superior Longevity

While cheaper bedding options exist, you get what you pay for. Our premium tencel satin sheets deliver an uncompromised sleep experience through ethical sourcing and unmatched quality. An investment in lifelong indulgence.

Hybrid Satin Eucalyptus by EDASI

The future of eucalyptus bedding sheets



Gentle on Skin/Hair


Zaps Dust Mites



Regulates Temperature

Infused w/ Swiss Probiotics

Gets Softer after every wash

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