Our Failed Kickstarter Project - Graphene

The kickstarter project for The Graphene Sheets failed, unfortunately. The amount of development that went into the fabric caused defects and its very regrettable that the investment was lost for a majority of our backers. Without being able to travel to China and manage it upfront during the lockdown, the project spiraled out of control. 

If you want to call it a scam, that's your call, Kickstarter projects come with risks and this is part of the reason you're able to access products at a 40% discount. You come along for the ride, and sometimes those rides turn into disasters. 

If you are in the United States and backed our project, you can use your credit for anything on this website. If you are outside the United States you can do the same, while also covering shipping to your destination. We also have Graphene Pillowcases that survived, and we are more than happy to get them over to you.

If EDASI gets a buyout, we'll be able to also compensate you.

You can write to Kickstarter and ask them to use the 8% fee's they took, and they might also compensate you.

Again it's a huge regret, but we went for something big, it failed during the covid lockdown, and we ran out of funds.

Of course I would have wished it to go another way.

With best wishes,