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Certified by BMA Labor Germany to eliminate 96.6% of dust mites

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Skin Heaven

Eliminates 96.6% of Dust Mites



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Get Millions of Microscopic Fighters

What it is: The First Ever Probiotic Pillowcase That ‘Eats’ Allergens While You Sleep


  • It’s the first ever probiotic pillowcase infused with the Swiss HeiQ Allergen Tech probiotic finish to keep your Duvet Cover clean, fresh and odorless all night long—making you feel like you’re sleeping in the pristine Swiss Alps.

  • Made with a blend of luxuriously breathable Egyptian cotton and silky-smooth TENCEL™ (known as ‘vegan silk’)—giving you the best of the both worlds of cotton and eucalyptus.

Technical Sheets do More

Zaps Dust Mites

No more sleeping with Millions of Dust mites!


the eucalyptus + Egyptian cotton blend provides great breathability properties


pure egyptian cotton is odorless & eucalyptian is naturally antibacterial.

Around 1 million Dust Mites are feasting on your Dead Skin Cells

- As many as 1 million dust mites can feast on the dead skin you produce in a mere day. According to ChatGPT, you shed 40-50 million dead skin cells a day. Dust mites are disgusting, and they can lead to coughing, itchy mouth, nose or throat and disturb your sleep patterns.

Dust mites can also lead to respiratory issues and exacerbate conditions like asthma, allergies, and unwanted eczema flare ups

This Duvet Cover 'Digests' Dust Mites

The Swiss probiotic technology actively eliminates allergens like dust mites and pet dander for a pristine sleep environment. Our solution is a 3 Step 100% biobased, patent pending technology to keep your Duvet Cover clean, fresh and odorless all night long

Independently Tested to Work

It's Like Breathing in the Purest Alpine Air

Copy about breathing

Helps Prevent Eczema Flare Ups

Sleeping on dust mite feces can worsen your eczema flare ups. Don't rely on fabrics with toxic "Silver" finishes. Neither Silk nor Silver finishes effectively remove Dust Mites. Nothing on the market is tested to combat Dust Mites like the Eucalyptian Probiotics.

What about Comfort?

Ultra-soft blend of premium Egyptian cotton and TENCEL™ silk gives it an indulgent feel for the ultimate sleep experience.

Design Elements

opens 270 degrees using 2way ykk, rubberized zipper, 7 adjustable clippers to keep the duvet in place, & 4 corner ties


Carefully produced and packed in water degradable mailer garment bags

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