infused w/ swiss probiotics & eucalyptus for clearer skin & better hair

Probiotic Satin for clearer skin, stronger hair, & purer breathing

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Skin is your organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world - rest & recovery is essential to feeling energized to accomplish your full potential. Both are essential to restoration and repair.

We found traditional textiles contained millions of dust mites, bacteria, and chemicals. It didn’t matter the hours of skin & hair routines, if the sheets had harmful bacteria and chemicals, putting on serum wasn’t going to do anything. Worse, we found that traditional sheets suck your natural oil, cause hair breakage, & nightly sweat that clog your pores & damage your scalp.

We became obsessed with connecting innovative fibers & finishes and mixing them for vibrant skin & rejuvenating sleep.

Starting a business is hard stuff, we only release products if it’s innovative & promote overall well-being.

As seen in

"much cooler than typical satin pillowcases"

4.7/5 Stars

“they feel fresh and get softer with every wash, I'm truly amazed”


"I have been using the pillowcase for a few nights and it's very soft and comfortable to sleep on. I noticed it's much cooler than typical satin pillowcases. My hair is also not frizzy in the mornings"


I’ve been loving the probiotics satin cases. They are very comfortable to sleep in and it’s great for my acne prone skin and frizzy hair.



Have you ever noticed yourself scratching and tossing and turning? Most likely it’s the Dust Mites. Millions of them are on your pillowcase. What about the trapped heat around your neck? It’s the cheap fibers that trap your bodies moisture. How about additional hair breakage? All of these are the result of fibers and weaving that allow dust mite and bacteria to crawl on you at night.

All EDASI textiles are the best to stop night sweats before they clog your pores, zap dust mites before they defecate and irritate your skin & breathing, and weaved to allow frictionless skin connection that prevents hair breakage.

Try EDASI for 60 nights, if you don’t love them, you’ll get your full money back