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Graphene Pillowcase (King)

The fabric that purifies your sleep

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The Probiotic Satin is made of the functional eucalyptus fibers blended with the finest long-staple 100% Egyptian cotton. It's the only fabric with patented Swiss probiotic finish that zaps away millions of allergy and skin irritating dust mites & pet allergens. It gives you your purest sleep and protects you from breathing in filth.

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With a sleek satin weave of Eucalyptus silk and Giza Egyptian cotton, this pillowcase is designed to give you flawless hair and skin without trying.

The worlds only pillowcase Infused with probiotics to actively zap 96.6% of skin-disrupting dust mites. Keeps your pillow pristine & fresh 24/7.

As seen in

you shed 500 million dead skin cells a day

When Was the Last Time You Woke Up Feeling Truly Refreshed?

It's impossible while millions of dust mite & bacteria feast on your dead skin cells, sweat, and saliva.

In fact, lab tests show your sheets have 17,000 times more bacterial colonies than a toilet seat! No wonder you're struggling to breathe at night

w/ 100% biobased swiss technology that

Purifies Your Sleep

We added 100% biobased swiss probiotics to safely zap millions of skin & sleep disrupting dust mites.

Imagine waking up glowing w/o the morning stuffiness itchiness, or night sweats, and without the feces these Dust Mites leave behind.

3x Less Laundry

Advanced Cooling, Moisture Wicking & Odor Proof

the breezy eucalyptus blend transports moisuture before odor-causing bacteria have a chance to form. Your body's moisture is directed into the fiber core, thanks to a network of sub-microscopic channels called nanofibrils. Nifty.

releases trapped body heat

Advanced Self Cooling

The hydrophilic quality of Eucalyptus Tencel combined w/ the breathable weave means the fabric is much more efficient at keeping the body cooler while you're sleeping. It feels extremely breathable, as all night heat is released and sweat is wicked away from your body.

Frictionless Satin Weave

Skin & Hair Saver

between the satin weave, the hybrid blended technical fabric, and the probiotics that removes millions of dust mites and their feces, you're sleeping on the purest fabric ever created.

Luxurious Blend

Softer After Every Wash

40% eucalyptus "vegan silk" & "60 %" premium giza cotton means they'll get softer after every wash w/o fabric pilling. They are developed to last years.

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